sexta-feira, setembro 30, 2011

I am my toothbrush

More than 65% of cells in my body are bacteria that do not share my genetic information. The eyes are the doors to the soul? What about the teeth? The dental record can reveal an identity. The print of a life of eating, brushing, drinking, washing, kissing, licking, tasting and of feeding and killing bacteria. Bacteria in the saliva are partially responsible for digestion, but also for cavities and all the consequent troubles when teeth are not properly brushed. Bacteria degrade teeth, but excess of brushing also degrades the teeth. My dentist told me I had bad bacteria in my saliva, strong brushing and weak teeth. My teeth are not fixed ideas, but transformable structures that change at a rate of live geological time. My toothbrush has always been too stiff for me; so I had to get rid of it, get a new extra soft one at Trader Joes. I have lived in 4 different regions of the world in the last 6 years. Personal prints of my existence tend to be recycled for others to use, incinerated or disposed in a pile of waste for archeologists to discover in a far future and wonder if men used that object to clean the intestines. During all this time my toothbrush has been eroding my weak teeth, has been the final home for some of my aggressive oral bacteria and is the non-biodegradable mark of my passage through the trashcans of this world. Use my toothbrush if you want a piece of me. Use my toothbrush if you miss me. Use my bacteria if you want to be me.

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